Aug 7, 2013

BeKoool Itch Relief Patches review/giveaway


 Summertime means bug bites and itchy poison ivy.  We live in the country and both of these problems are abundant.  We have mosquito's, bees, black bugs, poison ivy, poison oak and other annoying skin bothers.
 Finally there is relief for these problems, BeKoool Medicated Itch Patches.  These little round patches are clear in color and they are fast acting.  I applied one to my grandson's leg the other night after he had been bit by a mosquito.

 Here you can see he has 2 bites.  One I applied the patch to.  You can see that the patch is clear and lays flat against the skin.
  These BeKoool Itch Relief Patches are easy to use.  Just peel the patch from the sheet of 18 patches and apply to the irritated area.  You can wear these patches through most all activities but they are not recommended to be used during swimming.  The medicated patch lasts for up to 5 hours and just discard the old patch and re-apply another one if needed.  No more than 3 patches on one area a day and they are not recommended for children 2 and under.

  I love these patches!  No more messy creams or sprays and the patch keeps your child from scratching the bite.  You can purchase BeKoool patches at Wal-Mart, Dollar General, H-E-B and Walgreens.  
  BeKoool and my blog would like to offer one lucky reader of mine, a box of Itch Relief Patches.  Just enter my Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

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  1. I'd like to try BeKOOOL Cooling Wipes.

  2. My daughter so needs these

  3. Kitty Iecvan8/16/13, 1:26 AM

    I want to try the FBeKOOOL Migraine.

  4. Migraine beKool since I get those sometimes and cool air or washcloths always help.

  5. I would really like to try the BeKool Cooling Wipes.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  6. These BeKoolItchReliefPatches are so very good. They stay on and give blessed relief for hours. I will also stock up on
    Migraine patches if I can find them. Thank you BeKool.


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