Aug 16, 2013

I Am Second & Seconds Change review


  One white chair, one black room, one person's story - I Am Second.  I Am Second is a testimony of people and their life changing story's.  I became a member of I Am Second last year.  I am no one special but I am a Christian and I know my God is 1st and I am 2nd. 
  This program is wonderful!  Visit the I Am Second website and watch, and listen, to different people tell how they went from the lowest points in their lives to the highest by finding Jesus.  Celebrities, Movie Stars, Athletes, Prostitutes, Drug Users and many more walks of life tell their story's.

  I have 2 very favorite stories that I replay over and over.  The first one is about Brian "Head" Welch formally of the rock band KORN.  Brian was addicted to drugs, lost to the life of sex and the rock music industry and raising a little girl.  His little girl had already lost her mother to Meth and she was about to lose her dad too.  Brian thought he was saved but found himself unable to give up the drugs.  One day after hearing his daughter sing the words to one of his own songs from the band KORN, Brian knew he had to change.  He asked God to take over his body and heal him from the life of drugs and sin and he did!  God completely saved Brian's life.  Brian quit KORN, changed his living conditions for his daughter and now walks as second to God.
  The other story that really stands out to me is the story of  Annie Lobert.  Annie felt left out in life by her father and she had her heart deeply broken by a high school boyfriend.  Annie wanted the best things in life and soon found herself selling her body as a prostitute to get those things.  Before long money was needed more and more and Annie found herself living her life through a pimp's way.  He took all her money and beat her daily.  Finally Annie escaped him.  Annie came down with cancer, went through chemo and was soon addicted to prescription drugs that then lead to cocaine and back to prostituting.  Finally one day, after hitting rock bottom and nearly overdosing, Annie asked God to wash her clean and forgive her.  He did!  She became second to our awesome #1 God and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Today Annie witnesses for God to the prostitutes, it is her calling and she is happy.
  I Am Second is a powerful healing of many people's lives.  Finding Christ and letting him become first is the step to a better, healthier, happier life.
  There are more films soon to be released by Seconds Change and they can sure use our donations to help fund these films.  If you can commit yourself to $2 every Tuesday, you can help make new films for people to see to inspire them to change their lives.  You will also receive benefits as well.  Save on. I Am Second gear, provide input for new stories and be a key player in helping promote and make new films.
  I Am Second is awesome and I am glad to be a part of it.  I love to hear the stories of people changing their lives.  You can see in the faces of these people how different they are since becoming second to Christ.
 Watch the films and become a part the I Am Second program today you will feel so happy that you did.

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