Aug 2, 2013

Melzy Baby - Wet Bag, Blowout Blocker & Soaker Stopper review

Melzy Baby - Wet Bag, Blowout Blocker & Soaker Stopper 

 How many times have you had your baby dressed precious and you take them out for everyone to see how cute they are, and you smell something - look under their clothes and you find - poo everywhere?!!  This has happened to me many times with 3 children.  It would literally be up their backs nearly to their neck.  I would then have to totally undress them, removing the soiled, wet clothing and stinky diaper, and then re-dress them all over again.  Finding a bag to carry all this wet mess in is the next dilemma. Wow babies are fun :)
 Melzy Baby has fixed the problem of the up-the-back-poo-discovery, with their great one of a kind product, the Blowout Blocker.

 Catch diaper blowouts and leaks with this great diaper extension.  The super soft wrap has velcro closure and comes in  7 different colors and they work with cloth or disposable diapers.  The inner layer keeps the moisture off baby's back and the outer liner keeps leakage in.  Made from 100% reusable material and the Blowout Blocker sells for $12.95
  Have you ever had your baby wet their diaper along with wetting their clothes, bed, and you?  I am sure most of us have had this happen numerous times.  Melzy Baby also has another awesome leak stopper, the Soaker Stopper.  Great for nightime use!  The Soaker Stopper is also made from 100 % reusable material and is also super soft.

 These Soaker Stoppers also come in 7 colors and they sell for $13.95
 The last product that I reviewed for Melzy Baby is the Wet Bag.  This bag is designed to contain soiled diapers, Blowout Blockers, Soaker Stoppers, wet clothes, and even toys.  The bag has a drawstring closure with cord lock and it too comes in 7 colors and sells for $4.95

  I definitely recommend these 3 products from Melzy Baby.  I really wish these would have been around 20 years ago when my babies were little.  I know that I will be purchasing these products for baby shower gifts and for future grandchildren.  Melzy Baby is dedicated to providing you and your baby with good products and I believe you will like how all 3 of these products work.  Order yours today, online at the Melzy Baby website.

*Thanks to Melzy Baby for working with me.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of these products are strictly my own.

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