Sep 23, 2013

Fortune Girls - Tween Girl Enpowerment Review


  Hey Parents!  If you don't do but one extra thing with your daughter today please let it be checking out Fortune Girls online!  This extra cool, empowering, unique girl club is soooo awesome.  Every girl needs to follow along with the Fortune Girl's - they will become a better person for it.
  First thing I need to tell you is how it all began.  Madison began drawing at the age of 2 ---yes, I said 2!  She had the artist thing down perfectly by 6 when her mom, (super cool mom) decided they needed to use the computer to print out these drawings so it would be way easier to keep up with.  With Madison's special talent, the Fortune Girl's were developed and each one is different, with different personalities-just like every other girl in the world.

  Two of Madison's first drawing were the Funky Fairies.  These 2 really adorable fairies help make dreams come true all over the world.  Right now they are really involved with a dream to help stop bullying.  Bullying is an awful problem that many children, tweens and teenagers are confronted with everyday.  These super little fairies are trying to get everyone to become aware of this problem and to help Stop Bullying Today!  Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you they speak like the sound of popcorn popping- how cool is that?

  Another wonderful FG is Cinderita.  I love Cinderita, she is a princess from Spain.  She can be a little bossy, but loves helping others.  Cinderita wears a color changing Tiara.   It changes colors depending on her moods.  See girls, we start out early with our mood swings :) 
  Here is one of the Fortune Girls in a video titled, "I Miss You" :
 There are 8 Fortune Girls total plus the Funky Fairies.  You have got to check out these girls and their super personalities.  Together they work to help people become aware of today's problems, they help girls become confident and they encourage good in everything.  When you need a friend  - the FG's are there.  They keep you laughing and show you how to become a positive person in today's world.

  I am a grandmother and I love these FG's.  Their stories are wonderful and their empowerment for a better world is tremendous.  I know my granddaughter's are going to love the FG's.  I can't wait for them to find the FG that matches their personality.
  Thanks to Madison for her unbelievable talent and for her mom for showing her the way to make such a wonderful organization available to girls all over the world.  I love this idea and I bet we will be seeing more and more things in the future from these Fortune Girls.  Bravo Madison!  Carry on Fortune Girls!

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*The opinions of this product are strictly my own
*I am a member of SVERVE

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