Sep 21, 2013

Cystex Cranberry Review & "I'm Kegeling. Are You?" T-Shirt Giveaway

"I'm Kegeling. Are You?" T-Shirt

 Cystex Cranberry Urinary Health Complex is a wonderful product to helps prevent problems like UTI's and bladder problems.  Just 1 teaspoon a day can keep these terrible urinary problems away.  Cystex helps promote better bladder health.  It is a sugar-, dairy-, and gluten-free daily supplement that tastes great and boosts urinary tract health.  The unique Proantinox® cranberry formula can end the cycle of infection for those who are unfortunately prone to recurrent urinary tract infections, and can be found nationwide at drug chains and mass market retailers, including Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Duane Reade for a suggested retail price of $9.95 (7.6 fl oz).
 I have been using Cystex for about 1 year and I do not have any urinary problems any more.  I used to constantly keep bladder infects but not since I began using Cystex!

  Do you Kegel?  If you don't know what this word means then you probably aren't Kegeling.  Kegeling is a great way to exercise your bladder.  Watch the You Tube video below and it will help explain what this exercise is all about.

 Kegeling can be done by squeezing and holding your pelvic floor muscles up and in.  Most healthcare professionals suggest Kegeling regularly for ten seconds three times a day, to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in a pre-emptive defense of many bladder issues.

 Cystex is a great product and if you have been having any of the problems I have talked about in this review, then you really need to give it a try along with the exercises for your bladder.  Together it can help your overall urinary health.
 I received these product(s)s by RLA and Cystex as part of a product review, free of charge.  Cystex is offering one of my lucky readers a "I'm Kegeling. Are You?" t-shirts.  If you would like to try and win it then please enter my Rafflecopter below.

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