Oct 15, 2013

"2 Broke Girls" A Television Comedy Review

 Have you ever been so broke that rolling change is the only way you can eat and get gas to get to work?  I know I have.  The 70's were wonderful years for a teenager like myself.  I lived with a best friend in a little camper trailer, where the rent was way to much and it was so little we collided into one another if we both walked to the bathroom at the same time.  There was no room to move around but, we loved it.  Being 18 and on our own was the life, except when we had to worry about eating and gas for the car, which happened to be everyday.
 Both my friend and myself worked at the local fast food place.  You know the ones where you bring the food to the car on a tray.  Pay was $2.15 an hour, we were paid 2 times a month and $80 didn't go very far when you have rent, car payment, utilities and lastly - food.
  When my friend or I got tips, usually this would be 50 or 75 cents, we would throw it in the floor board of the car.  Crazy I know but hey, were only 18.  Anyway, that is how we saved our change and at the end of each week we would roll the change, cash it in at the bank, and with that $10 or so we bought our Spaghetti O's andRamen Noodles.  Life was hard then being broke but we were two very good friends and we made it.  I believe being broke at one time in your life teaches you to really appreciate it when life is much easier.

 Just like my friend and I, Max and Caroline are girls with dreams, who are broke.   You can watch this hilarious comedy titled, "2 Broke Girls" on Monday nights- 8:30/7:30 CT on CBS.  This is the new time and location for the show.
 Max and Caroline both work as waitresses trying to earn that extra dollar to open their own cupcake business.  These girls are very different but they have the same goal in mind - to have their own business.  Watch as they keep you laughing along with the other workers in the restaurant.  Each episode will bring you closer to these girls as they themselves become closer to each other. 
"2 Broke Girls" stars - Max Black (Kat Dennings) and  Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs)
 Watch a clip from"2 Broke Girls"- EPS. 4 :

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