Oct 21, 2013

"The Good Wife" on CBS

  For all my readers and others that watch "The Good Wife", you must be sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for Sunday night's episode.  Am I right?  I know I am so eager to see what goes down with Alicia when Will finds out she is leaving Lockhart/Gardner.  Which team are you hopping on board with - Lockhart/Gardner or Florrick/Agos?  I am on team Lockhart/Gardner and I'll tell you why in a bit.

 "The Good Wife"  airs on CBS at ( 9/8 ) CT-( 9/10) ET & PT.  Alicia is played by award winning, Julianna Margulies.  The saga began with Alicia Florrick having been cheated on by her ex-husband, Peter, who had a huge sex and political scandal going up and eventually he ends up in jail.  With that being the case, Alicia decides to go back into the legal business.   Alicia joins on at Lockhart/Gardner as a junior associate with her long time friend and old classmate, Will Gardner.  It isn't long until Will and his partner, Diane Gardner, give Alicia a full time position.  Alicia beats out another employee, Cary Agos, for the full time position and this leaves Cary very mad and upset.
  Peter Florrick is now released from prison and has won the gubernatorial election and he wants marry Alicia again.  She realizes things are going to get pretty tough as she tries to balance a career, be a mother to 2 teenagers and also become First Lady of Illonois.  Alicia isn't so sure she feels the same way about Peter any more and she knows Will definitely would like to be more than just friends.
  Sunday night the episode, "Hitting The Fan" will air.  That night Alicia and Cary will find out that their secret is out, they are leaving Lockhart/Gardner to start their own firm up, Florrick/Agos.  Will is very upset!  This episode will draw the line between Alicia and Will.  You have to watch to see how everything goes.
 Here is a little clip of  the new episode,"Hitting The Fan".

 Now about why I on team Lockhart/Gardner.  First, I believe Alicia should stay with the firm she is at because Will and Diane were good enough to give her a job, plus advance her, when she most needed it.  Second, I think Cary Agos has something up his sleeve.   After all Alicia did beat him out of the full time position job.  And lastly, I believe Alicia should not go back to Peter. He will probably cheat again and if she stays with Lockhart/Gardner she can give Will a chance. Will really cares for Alicia and I believe they should be together.
 So it's Team Lockhart/Gardner for me!
   Which team are you for?  Could it be my team or is it..... ?  The war has begun!

 Whether you have been watching "The Good Wife" every week, or if you are new to the show, you will want to see this next episode.  "The Good Wife" is a great show full of great actors.  Each week has a wonderful episode that will have you looking forward to the next one.  "The Good Wife" is a show I recommend you watching.  I believe you will like it as much as I do.
 I would love it if you would leave me a comment below telling me which of the 2 teams you are on and why.
Team: Florrick/Agos or Team: Lockhart/Gardner  

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*The opinions of this show are strictly my own.

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