Nov 7, 2013

So Cool Kids Review/Giveaway

  Lauren Beck snapped a picture of her young son at the beach one afternoon and the close up image was beautiful.   Inspired by CoverGirl and their clean, natural images, Lauren founded the company, SoCoolKids.  With children's unique needs and tastes, Lauren developed Skin and Hair Care Products for her company.
 I was so happy to be able to review some of Lauren's products.  The SoCoolKids name caught my eye and the products have me loving them.  My favorite is the Surf and Sand Soap.  

  This soap contains no parabens, no gluten, no synthetic dyes, and no synthetic fragrances.  Surf and Sand Soap takes you back to the beach and that fresh ocean water scent will relax you.  I love this soap.  I use it daily on my skin as well as each night in the kids baths.  This soap feels like it exfoliates the skin and it leaves you smelling and feeling so fresh. 
I received a box full of wonderful products from SoCoolKids.  Here is what it all looked like:

  There were bars of soaps, rubber wrist bracelets, and t-shirts for boys and girls.  The soaps came in several scents: Surf and Sand, Mango, Orange and Banana.  The single bar soaps sell for $4.50 and the double bar set sell for $7.00
  The t-shirts are darling from SoCoolKids.  I received one that had the company logo and California on it.

There was another one with just the SoCoolKids emblem on it.  These shirts are pre-shrunk, 100% cotton, come in different colors and sizes S - L.  They sell for $16 and up.  I love these tees, they are so cute.
  SoCoolKids are actively involved in many projects, Childhood Cancer, Autism, Teen Choice Awards and more.  This company is wonderful and all the products are really great.  You must stop by the online store and grab some of the bar soaps and the t-shirts for the kids.  The Active Kids Shampoo and Conditioner will be coming out soon so watch for news about these great products.
  SoCoolKids would like for you to try some of their great products.  Enter my Rafflecopter and you may be the winner.  Good Luck!

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