Dec 5, 2013

Tubby Table Review

  Fun times are sure to be had from the newest bath time toy on the market for your child.  The Tubby Table!  This amazing water table for the bath tub helps keep the water in the tub instead of on the floor.
   A couple of Moms put their heads together and began to design a table for bath time so that the child would not only make getting clean fun but it would also be built with learning in mind.  Tubby Table is designed with 5 multi - colored cups and numbered shape cups to help with not only fine motor skills but with counting and sorting.

 The table suction cups to the tub and is height adjustable.  There are also mats for the children to set on that are no slip.  Your children can have hours of fun with the provided shapes and table, plus you can also make the table become a "tea party time" or any other imaginary play by adding your own toys.

 Watch the video below for examples of children having fun with the Tubby Table:

 I love this Tubby Table!  The size is big enough for 2 children to play at and this works perfectly at my house where a 2 yr. old and 4 yr. old played for around 45 minutes last night.  
 You really need to check out this product.  It would make a wonderful gift for Christmas or any other time of year.  The cost is only $49.99 and it is very well worth it.  This Tubby Table is built great, priced great and is one of my picks as a toy of the year.  

*Thanks to Tubby Table for allowing me to work with them.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*I received this product for review purposes only.

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