Jan 5, 2014

Colored Shoe laces - The Newest Trend Review

  With the beginning of each new school year there seems to be new trends among the children.  This year colored shoes laces is what appears to be the hottest trend.  Matching your best friend, wearing them in your hair and using them to set a girls style apart from others, is several of the reasons young girls like to wear colored shoe laces.
 Colored shoe laces are very popular with elementary and junior high school aged girls.  Two best friends may want to dress like twins so they will wear sneakers with matching colored shoe laces.  For example a girl may wear bright pink laces and so will her friend and they may decide to wear the  green ones around their pony tail holders in their hair.  By wearing this matching combo the girls will definitely stand out and impress their other friends.

 There are several different colors you can buy in the colored shoe laces: red, black, green, blue and more bright colors.  Another stylish look the girls are wearing are the splash colored laces.  These laces are very unique looking.  

 Young girls seem to love this look and may want their best friends to wear them also.  Monday may mean each girl wears the pink splashed with yellow, Tuesday may be the blue and white ones, Wednesday may mean pink splashed red ones,  and so on.  Whatever the day and whatever the color combination, wearing colored shoe laces in their sneakers will have the girls looking trendy and very creative.
 Trends are part of every school age girl's life and colored shoes laces are one of these trends.  Wearing them in their sneakers and in their hair is the latest fad.  Whether the girls are mixing or matching their colored shoe laces, it will surely be a big hit with all their friends.

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  1. Keeping it simple and pretty. I love the coulours of these shoelaces.


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