Jan 5, 2014

Campus Book Rentals - Helps Save College Students Money on Books

 Campus Book Rentals - The Easy Way to Help Save College Students Money on Books

 College is expensive and buying books for each class is definitely very costly.  Most books range from a couple of hundred dollars to several hundred.  The money you spend each semester, every year, on books for your college education, can run into the thousands of dollars.  Thanks to Campus Book Rentals, you can now save more than half the money you use to buy books by renting them instead.

 Campus Book Rentals has been helping millions of college students save money since 2007 and have been recognized by Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and other leading sites.  When you rent your textbooks instead of buying them, the decision will be one of the best ones you will make for your college education.
 Campus Book Rentals lets you keep the book as long as you need it.  For example you may rent a book for 55 days or up to 130 days, or you can choose the date.  They will even give you a 15 day grace period if you go past the rental period.  
 It is very easy to rent with Campus Book Rental.  Simply choose from thousands of books by searching the author, the title, keyword or ISBN number. Then choose how long you want the book, and lastly tell them where to ship the book to and you pick how soon you want the book to arrive.  Campus Book Rental even has next day shipping.
 Feel free to highlight and write notes in your book, just like you would if you owned it.  If you decide to drop a class or for whatever reason you decide you don't want the book, just return it in the enclosed envelope within 30 days and there will be no charge.
 Here is an picture of an Algebra 1 for Dummies textbook and take a look how cheap it is to rent it:

130 days(due May 15)$17.79
85 days(due Mar 31)$16.19
55 days(due Mar 1)$15.48

  If you decide you want to buy the textbook after you have rented it, just let them know at Campus Book Rentals on your customer account, and pay the difference from what you have already paid as a rental and the value of the book.
 With all the great options and the money you will save from renting textbooks instead of buying them, Campus Book Rentals can be a definite plus in your college education.  It just makes more sense to rent the books instead of buying them.
 Visit the Campus Book Rentals site and take a look around.  I know you will be very glad you did. 

*The opinions of this product is strictly my own.

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