Feb 25, 2014

Storage Systems

 It is Easy to Keep the Garage Organized with a System

A garage sometimes doubles as a workshop, storage locker and catch all for items that need a convenient home. It is possible for all the uses to be accommodated in a garage, but sometimes lack of organization prevents the garage from being used for its intended purpose.

A garage storage system is just the ticket to keep the garage organized and provide room for everything that is kept in the garage, including a vehicle or two. The garage organizers include cabinets, wall organizers, ceiling storage and toolboxes. Each component is designed to accommodate a variety of tools and other items in an organized manner. Proper storage keeps everything in its assigned space and keeps it within reach when needed. Storage components provide the place for everything that needs its own space and saves time when the item is needed because there is no wasted time looking for the item.

Storage components are on wheels making them portable and easy to move. This is very helpful when it is time to change up the layout of the garage. It is important any components on wheels have a lock on each wheel to keep them in place. A rolling storage component loaded with tools or equipment can be dangerous. Any storage component that should be attached to the wall, be attached to the wall. If the wall storage component is left freestanding and it falls for any reason, it can also be dangerous.

Ceiling storage bins are ideal for seasonal items such as holiday decorations or pool accessories such as floats, kickboards, beach balls and pool basketball or volleyball equipment. It is important to make sure the ceiling bins are secured to the ceiling properly and the items stored do not exceed the recommended weight limit.

Storage components protect belongings and prevent them from falling on the floor and rolling under the car and leaves sufficient room to get in and out of the vehicle. Using garage storage components keeps the garage tidy and neat gives the garage a semblance of organization. An organized garage will allow the owner to maximize the space in the garage to their benefit and often times find more can be stored in the garage when done in an organized manner rather than using the “a pile for everything and everything in its pile” method of storage. Organization will keep the shop here looking good.

Items that do not stand up to the elements such as extreme change in temperature should never be stored in the garage such as wooden furniture, cardboard boxes, art work and food.

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