Feb 25, 2014

Iesodo "Love" on DVD Review

 Iesodo, pronounced Ya-Sa-Doe means "The Way of Jesus"  and it is a new family movie based  on one of the best selling books of all time.  This delightful movie titles, "Iesodo Love"  is about Iesodo and his friends who live in a Cypress Tree on the shores of a vast lake, known to us as the Sea of Galilee.  All the birds in this movie have their differences but, after meeting Iesodo they have never been the same.  These birds set out to change the lives of birds everywhere by spreading the message of hope.
 I reviewed this movie and my grandson loves it.  I have to play it over and over.  The color and animation is so precise and clear and the voices are easily understood.  It is sure to hold the attention of your children. 

 My grandson is 2 1/2 and he loves this movie.  The colors are so vivid and they really draw you in.  He couldn't take his eyes off this movie.  It really holds his attention.
 The message this movie delivers is based on the way Jesus spoke to his people and of the miracles he performed as he walked among the people.
 One of the episodes is ,"Birds of a Feather Fish Together", in this episode, Freddie and Fiona plan to wed but their celebration is headed for destruction. Jack and Jacob need to stop arguing and work together or there won't be enough food for the wedding.  Watch the miracle of the water being turned to nectar by Iesodo who steps in and calms everyone's ruffled feathers.  The wedding is a success !

 I love this movie and so does my grandson.  I highly recommend every family owning it.  I know your children will love it and I feel like every parent will as well.  Iesodo is a movie your children can learn from while enjoying it as well.
 You can purchase this dvd on the Iesodo website for only $14.99  On this site you can also play games, watch trailers from the movie, enjoy behind the scenes clips and more.  Iesodo received the 2014 Seal of Approval from Homeschool.com and it is a Accolade Competition Winner as well.

*Thanks to Homeschool.com for allowing me to review this product.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
*I received this product for review purposes only.

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