Mar 5, 2014

"Chasing God" by Angie Smith Book Review/Giveaway

 Do you find yourself chasing God to see if you are doing everything right?  Author Angie Smith writes a touching book to help explain the question so many of us want to know.  We pray, go to church, join study groups and still we search to find out if we are good enough for God's mercy.  
 "Chasing God" is not a book about actually catching God, it is about following God.  We as Christians sometimes think we aren't doing enough to please God.  We wonder if  we need to do more when actually all we need to do is pray.

 The author Angie Smith breaks down how we can follow God and find him where he has always been.  He doesn't run from us.  She explains how we are wasting a spiritual blessing chasing after God and how if we will just stop and listen to him we can find our relationship to be a wonderful experience with an all loving God.
 This is a wonderful book that answered so many of my questions.  I have questioned myself many times about being "good enough" and I have lost the answer by wondering what sign or miracle God would show me to assure me I am doing everything right.  This book really made me stop and think about my relationship with God.  I was running in circles and getting no where when actually God never moved.  He just needed me to stop and listen and to pray.  It is really simple.  God doesn't want our time with him to be something hard to find.  Through this book I saw things a lot clearer and Angie broke the steps down so we all can understand how not to worry - just to listen with our hearts.
 If you are pondering the question about how to become closer to God, then you really need to read this book.  I highly recommend it.  I learned how to quit running after answers and how easy it is to actually find them. Just enter my Rafflecopter below and hopefully you may be he winner of "Chasing God", by Angie Smith.  Good Luck!

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