Mar 4, 2014

Transformers Rescue Bots DVD Review

 Transformers Rescue Bots -" Heros On The Scene", is a fun new cartoon that will  be released by Shout Factory Kids on March 18, 2014.  In this cartoon the Rescue Bots go undercover to protect the small town of Griffin Rock.  The Bots have to save the town from the green slime known as the, "Squilsh."  The Rescue Bots partner up with their human family to save this town.  In this Transformer movie your child will love it as the Bots discover what being a real hero means and how working together gets things done the right way.

 The talented voices of Le Var Burton, Lacey Shabert, Steve Blum, Maurice La Marche portray the Rescue Bots and the legendary Peter Cullen voices Optimus Prime when he makes a cameo appearance in the series.
 The Transformers Rescue Bots is currently airing on the Hub TV Network Series in the US and on the Treehouse in Canada.
 Right now you can own this DVD from Shout! Factory Kids.  I recommend it for the children in your life.  They really should enjoy this fast actioned animated cartoon, my grandsons loved it!

*Thanks to Shout Factory For allowing me to review this product.
* I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
* The opinions of this product are strictly my own.

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