Mar 1, 2014

Dino Lingo for Kids Review

 Dino Lingo is a interactive learning - language program for children.  Children learn faster by incorporating play and storytelling into the study of learning programs. 
  I reviewed a Dino Lingo language set in Spanish.  In this set there are 5 dvd's  and 150 cards of the most common words used in the Spanish language.  With the dvd's, your child will learn the words with the help of 6 darling dinosaurs.   Some of these words are the Spanish words for colors, numbers, body parts, animals, family and more.

  I love that Dino Lingo uses baby faces on the animals to help teach the words, instead of scary faces.  Dino also makes the objects such as cars and fruit look alive because research has shown that small children believe all objects are alive.
 Dino Lingo uses a person of the Spanish decent to speak the words in these videos.  This way it is easier for a child to learn.  The voices are that of a high pitched person which smaller children relate to more than lower pitched voices.

 I added Dino Lingo to my homeschool lesson plans and my children watch the tapes 30 minutes each day and we spend another 15 on the flash cards.  So far they have learned several words and phrases.  This language program works very well.  I have used other sets before but, I do believe the Dino Lingo is the best I have worked with.

 Dino Lingo is available in 43 languages such as Italian, English, Spanish,Chinese, Korean and more.  You can purchase your own Dino Lingo in your prefered choice of language online and it will be sent to your house by mail.  I really feel like you will not be disappointed in Dino Lingo.

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