Jun 22, 2014

Dropcam Home Security System Review

  Summer vacations are here and Dropcam is here to help keep your home secure from intruders.  Dropcam is the latest in home security systems that works exactly as you need them.  Once the camera is turned on and positioned to where the camera can see all around the room you want watched, then it will being to record.

  If you want to have all sounds and sights recorded then just adjust the camera to do so.  This camera is so precise that it can pick up the phone ringing, but then again it will record the burglar as he enters you home.
  Once your camera detects an intrusion it will immediately send the notification straight to your phone, laptop or iPad.  Once the action has been recorded you will have it on your equipment.  So, if the intruder should notice the Dropcam and decides to take it down, you will have already received the video showing the burglar and what he is doing.  Wham! he is caught.  Just phone the local authorities and hopefully the culprit is captured.
  Dropcam can also help lower your home insurance.  Just inform your insurance agent that you have it and see what a discount you can get.
  Dropcams can help you keep an eye on a babysitter, watch stray dogs come into your yard, and catch thieves, all while you have proof on video.
  Just hook the Dropcam to your WiFi system and away it goes.  These awesome products are very well worth the extra low price of only $149.  This small amount of money could mean your home, office, child and many other items are safer than ever. 
 Dropcam provides an optional service called Cloud Recording that lets you go back and review footage from the past week or month so you can capture, relive and share important moments.
 You really must check out the Dropcam.  It is the perfect home safety system.

*Thanks to DropCam for allowing me to review for them.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.

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