Jun 16, 2014

The Bouqs - Order Flowers for only $40

   the Bouqs - Online Flower Co.  Order Your Bouquet Today 

  The 4th of July is just a few weeks away and with most families that means decorating your home in red, white & blue, BBQ's, fireworks and fun times with the family.  When you decorate your table in America's beautiful colors, wouldn't  it be nice to order a gorgeous bouquet of red, white and blue roses?!  Yes, I said blue roses!  Bouqs has these and they are breathtaking.

 TheBouqs. is an online flower company that let's you choose any flower bouquet you want for the low price of only $40 and this price includes shipping and handling. There are no extra "hidden fees", just the simple price of $40.  This price lets you cut out the middle man which gives you better savings.   With Bouqs you get fresher, brighter and longer-lasting flowers.
 Bouqs grow their flowers on an active volcano farm.  The Bouqs are fed from volcano snow melt and mineral rich, ph balanced soil which causes the flowers to grow better. When you order your flowers they are cut on that day so you get a fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers delivered straight to your home or to the one you love.
 Why would you want to pay the 20 - 200% higher prices that competitors are charging when you can pay a simple, one time price of only $40?  Competitors may not have the gorgeous patriotic bouquet of red, white and blue roses that TheBouqs has so why look anywhere else?  Order your 4th of July bouquet today from TheBouqs and let the beauty of the flowers amaze your friends and family. 
 Bouqs have been shown on E!, The Today Show, Oprah Magazine and more.
 Don't forget to order flowers from Bouqs for any and all occasions, they have many, many types and colors of bouquets.


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