Jul 30, 2014

Bloominous DIY Flower Kits Review

  Bloominous is an online flower shop that sells do-it-yourself flower kits for weddings, holidays, events and more.  This company helps you display beautiful, colorful, fresh flower arrangements with the simplest of ease.


  Bloominous uses floral designers, with wedding florist knowledge, to make sure every set of flowers you order comes with easy to follow directions for arranging.  Also included, is everything needed to complete the look: vases, wires, picks ect... The flowers in the arrangements are fresh, de-thorned and trimmed.  Bloominous wants to make sure all the hard word is already done for you when the flower set arrives at your home.

The easy to read cards will show you exactly how to arrange the bouquet, boutonnieres, or table setting. 

Bloominous is partnered with the best flower farms in the world to assure you that you will be receiving the highest quality of flowers for your arrangement.  The flowers are bright, beautiful and perfect for whatever event you have chosen to show them off at.

  At Bloominous, experts design the kits, you shop for your choice, they prepare and ship the flowers to you and you arrange them wherever you like - that is it!  Bloominous makes it very easy for you to have the beautiful flowers you want without any hassles.
  I love Bloominous and I know you will too.  Visit their online shop today and take a look around - I know you will love what you see and you will definitely be pleased with what you order.

*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.

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