Aug 24, 2014

Daisy, A Hen Into The Wild Film Review

   Daisy, A Hen Into The Wild is an adorable film that has been showing in Korea as a top film and it has grossed over 2 million tickets sold.  Based on the book, A Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly, by Oh Sung-Yoon, this animated film is coming to North America on iTunes and VOD in September. 
  Daisy is a hen who hates being caged.  She longs to be free on a farm and raise little chickens.  One day Daisy tricks the farmer to get out of the hen house and she is free at last.  But, being free can mean some scary things.  Daisy soon finds out that everyone doesn't also accept ones that are different.
 Once Daisy is free to see the world she meets a mean weasel who wants to make a meal from her.  Daisy is saved by the Wanderer, Wilson, the duck.  The weasel ends up killing Wilson's duck mate who was about to hatch their young.  Daisy takes over the job of sitting on the egg and soon little Willy hatches out.  Willy believes Daisy is his mother and together they set off to find the Everglades.  Wilson told Daisy to take the young one there as soon as it is born.  The old weasel also kills Wilson.  When they reach the Everglades Willy sees he is different from his mom because he is surrounded by other ducks.  Even though Daisy loves Willy she knows she must let him find his true self.

  Watch a small clip from this film:

  I absolutely loved this film.  It is heartwarming and  somewhat sad also, as you watch Daisy have to give up Willy to let him go on his own and be who he really is.  This story represents real life to all of us who raise children and have to let them leave our "nest".  I expect this film to be a huge hit is America just as it is in Korea.  You will really want to take your child to see this film --- It is wonderful!

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  1. It was so.. so... Heartwarming and at the end... it broke my heart.. She died for someone else and their young...


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