Aug 27, 2014

Hey Arnold! The Complete Season on DVD

  Hey Arnold!  The football head and all his pals are here with tons of funs and laughs in a 16-DVD box set featuring all 99 big city adventures from the classic Nickelodeon animated series.  
  Meet Arnold's 4th grade friends: Helga, Gerald, Eugene, and sometimes bully Harold.  With these pals Arnold is sure to get into some crazy antics.  All their adventures began on the air in 1996 and stayed on until 2001. The show even aired on Nick on CBS from 2002 - 2004
  I reviewed this set and it brought back so many memories of the shows my children watched when Hey Arnold! was on everyday.  This hilarious football head and all his friends were really fun to watch.
  Shout! Factory just released  Hey Arnold!  The Complete Season on August 19, 2014 at WalMart.  Check out this wonderful video collection today.  I know it would make a great gift for the Arnold lover in your family.  

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