Aug 3, 2014

Lyft Ride Sharing Hook Up

   If you live in a large metropolitan city you may have seen a car riding around the town with a huge pink mustache on the front.  Yes---a PINK MUSTACHE ! The pink mustache is the logo for a company called, "Lyft" which is a ride sharing company.  This company is great for getting you around town without having to pay high taxi fees and it helps cut down on the amount of carbon dioxide emissions released in the air.

  Lyft began in 2012 in some cities and is now operating in around 60 major cities across the U.S.  This system is really easy to use-, just download the app. on your mobile phone and when you need to be picked up and taken somewhere just press the big green button and someone will connect with you in seconds.  You will be picked up by a reliable, safe driver and you pay by credit card. You don't need to pay the driver cash, it is all done through the credit card on the phone app. You can of course leave the driver a tip which he will love.  After the trip be sure to rate your driver. If he was great then chances are you will get him the next time, if you weren't satisfied with the driver than rate him low and you will never be matched with that driver again.
 Lyft is a great company that costs the customer a lot less than driving themselves or other ride services.  It just makes more sense to share a ride than to use your own car, there is no upkeep on your part.  The company is a well known service that you can always trust to be there when you call. 
 Sign up right now for Lyft and you will receive a $25 credit.  Basically that could mean the first ride on Lyft is free.  I really like this service and I think  it will continue to grow to cities everywhere.  Check out Lyft on their website today and begin riding in the car with the pink mustache immediately.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.

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