Sep 24, 2014

Gluten Free Papa Murphys Pizza Review

   Papa Murphys is now serving Gluten Free Crust Pizza!  Papa Murphys has the best pizza to go with fresh veggies, tasty meats, and super great crusts.  I love going to Papa Murphys and watching them make my pizza to go, wrapping it up in their unique plastic wrap and then I take it home to bake.  My family loves the Cowboy Pizza with pepperonis, black olives, sausage, cheese and mushrooms -yummy!  Another favorite is the Pepperoni Pizza - Papa Murphys all time best seller with 100% mozzarella cheese and great sliced pepperoni.

 Order your Papa Murphys regular or new gluten free pizza tonight in 12", 14" or 16" inch crusts.  Pick a crust - original, thin, pan or stuffed.  Then choose the sauce - Traditional, Creamy Garlic, Herb Tomato or Olive Oil and last add your toppings--bacon, sausage, olives, pineapple and many more to choose from.  The prices are great and they always have specials.  
 Papa Murphys Pizza is the best pizza in town!  Take it home and bake what you want and you can even freeze extra pizza for later.  I recommend this pizza highly - it is my family's favorite fast food!

*The opinions of this product is strictly my own.

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