Sep 26, 2014

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 Wow Your Guests With Gourmet Candy Favours

 There are a lot of things to think about when planning a party or event, and choosing the right favours for guests is certainly a critical item on that already large to-do list. Although the perfect gift will depend upon the event you are planning, there's one favour that is sure to please in a number of scenarios. When in doubt, consider looking into swirl lollipops or other delicious candies. Gourmetcandy, along with being an attractive addition to any table setting, is also sure to be appreciated and enjoyed by all invited guests. The following are three events in particular where personalised candy is sure to be a great choice: 

#1 YOUR BUSINESS' PROMOTIONAL EVENTS - What better way could there be to advertise your business than to give your clients and potential customers candy inscribed with the name of your company? With all of the other businesses out there who rely on bags, calendars, pens, and other items to spread the name of their business to others, choosing promotional lollipops or other personalised candies can be a great way to make your company stand out from among your many competitors. Also, unlike your typical giveaway items, promotional lollies and candies are more likely to be enjoyed instead of just packed away or tossed in the garbage can. 
#2 ENGAGEMENT AND MARRIAGE CELEBRATIONS - Wedding favours are a wonderful accent to any wedding reception, and personalised candy is a great way to add that extra touch without going over your budget. Along with being affordable, candy can be used in so many ways to celebrate the happy couple. Since candy comes in a virtually limitless number of shapes and sizes, any wedding planner can find that great look that will please both the couple as well as their guests. 
#3 BIRTHS, BAPTISMS, AND RELIGIOUS OCCASIONS - If you're celebrating the birth and baptism of an infant, the first holy communion of a child, or another important religious event, gourmet candy is a phenomenal way to enhance the celebration. Children and adults alike love sweets, so what could be more fitting for an event that is sure to draw guests of all ages? There's no denying that religious celebrations are important occasions, but even candy can be customised in such a way as to make it formal and appropriate for even an event of this significance.
When you're trying to pick a favour that will please your guests and 
make your event a memorable one, gourmet candy offered by an online candy shop should definitely be an option you consider. Designer Candy offers personalised candies that are perfect for all occasions, from children's birthdays to large corporate events. If you're interested in learning more about the options available at Designer Candy, visit the online candy shop today at

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