Oct 26, 2014

Duck Tape Scents Review

 Duck Tape Scents®

Duct tape has gone far beyond the standard silver tape of the past.  If you and your kids have ever crafted with duct tape, you might think you’ve seen it all. Browse the shelves of any home improvement store, and you’ll discover duct tape in every color of the rainbow and every pattern you could possibly think of. So how has Duck Brand outdone itself yet again? Simply take a sniff, and see for yourself.
Duck Tape Scents are the latest and greatest creation in the duct tape universe. Kids can indulge their sweet tooth in any one of the six scent-sational variations. Relive the best birthday ever with the Cupcake tape, have a never-ending summer with a dash of Orange Cream, or simply refresh your senses by crafting with Mint. Kids can also choose from the Lemon, Grape, and Bubblegum tapes in the Duck Tape Scents, so they’re sure to find their favorite flavor in this delicious collection of duct tape. Plus, each scent comes in a vibrant color, which only makes duct tape crafts more fun!
From the simplest fixes to the biggest crafts your kids can create, Duck Tape Scents are the little something extra that all your DIY projects need.

I love this new scented Duck Tape!  I have a grandaughter who has made so much stuff from the patterned Duck Tape.  She is going to absolutely love the new scented tape!

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