Nov 4, 2014

Alarm Systems Today Are Much Better Than The Older Ones

  Security Monitoring Goes Beyond Alarms

You already know that having an alarm and a monitoring system has some big benefits for your personal safety and the safety of your loved ones. You might not know that the newest systems now offer a number of other benefits beyond those alarms as well. Imagine waking at night to an alarm that lets you know a fire started and the fire department is on its way, or imagine viewing an accurate record of the number of times your front and back doors opened each day. These are just a few of the benefits now associated with security monitoring.
Get in Touch with Help in Multiple Ways

Old alarm system monitoring relied primarily on the land line in your home. If a storm knocked down the telephone lines, you had a hard time finding out information about your home and getting in touch with the monitoring company. The new systems can now use the Internet or your cell phone. When you attach your cell number to your account, you can call in and get the information that you desire even when you're on vacation or at the office. You can also connect your system through your Internet and get notifications sent right to the email address on your account.  Alarm system monitoring has become better, and more trusted today than the older systems we used to use. This safer way to monitor your home while on vacation, at work or even to run to the grocer, definitely gives you a peace of mind.

Monitor Doors and Windows

With the newer alarm monitoring services, you can now get an accurate idea as to how many times your doors open and shut throughout the day. You can select a logged report that gives you the date and time of each opening when you call in, or you can request a report sent right to your email or door. You also have the option of choosing a supervised report. You determine the common times of the day when you use your doors, and the company will alert you when others use that door outside of those scheduled times.

Protection from Fires

Did you know that alarm monitoring may also offer some protection from fires? House fires cause millions of dollars in property damage and personal losses every year. Your monitoring company can monitor your home for signs of fire or smoke. As soon as it discovers a problem, it will send help to your home. Turn to Alarm Relay and similar companies to find out more about the benefits associated with adding monitoring services to your existing alarm or security package.

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