Nov 8, 2014

Become A Field Tester For Fishhound Review

    Would you like to try out fishing, camping and hunting products for free?  With Fishhound you can join their community, try one of the thousands of products worth $20- $50 and you will receive them in a box every 30 days, then write a honest review for Fishhound to get the feedback  and you will get to keep the gear plus be paid for your opinion.

  My family are all avid fishers, hunters and camping is usually our vacation every year- and we love it!  So Fishhound accessories are perfect for me to review.  I received this box pictured above and it had a pack of New Wave 6 '' soft plastic bass lures inside.  I was so excited to give them a try on the lake this weekend.
  I went fishing this weekend on our local lake.  It is great for bass fishing and these New Wave 6" Big Nasty cinnamon purple lures love the murky, muddy area of the lake.  I caught a nice 4 lber after only 1 hour on the water.  These lures are excellant!  I would recommend these to any bass fisher.  They work great and Fishhounder is easy to join and you will win with any of their products.


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  1. Ever since I started my blog, I've been wanting to get my feet into the product review world! I will definitely check fishbound out! Thanks for sharing.


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