Mar 14, 2015

Easter Stories - Classic Tales For the Holy Season Review/Giveaway

  Just in time for this years Easter celebrations, there is a wonderful book out titled, "Easter Stories".  This delightful 370 page book is full of amazing stories that tell tales for the holiday season.  These short stories will be loved by the young and old, children and adults, every where.
  This book is full of spiritual stories that captivate the Holy week and of Easter. There are 27 classic tales in the book.  One that I loved is the story titled, "The White Lily."  In this story you will read about a man, his nephew and his dog.  These 3 live in a filthy home and they themselves are filthy and unkept.  On the way to town one day the man is met by a shepherd who gives him a beautiful white lily.  The Shepherd gives the man the Lily and tells him he must keep the lily completely white.  When the man gets home he notices the filthy home, the child that is very dirty and a dog that needs combed and cleaned.  Over the next few days the man and the boy clean their home and their gardens.  After 6 days everything looks spotless and on the 7th day they notice the lily is gone.  This is when the man says that the lily is gone, but still it lives.

 The story of how the Robin became red breasted is also awesome.  God teaches the Robin that one day it will have the color of red on his breast, but it isn't until the death of Christ on the cross that the redbird tries to remove a thorn from the Lord's head and blood spills upon the bird, which then makes all Robins have a redbreast from there on out.
  Each beautiful story in this book is written with love and with God's touch.  You will love reading these stories to your children and grandchildren because they are all filled with love.  "Easter Stories" would make a great gift for every home or in every children's church classroom.  C.S. Lewis, Leo Tolstoy, Jayne Tyson Clement, Oscar Wilde, and a myriad of other authors are the writers of these great stories.  This book is not just meant for Easter time reading, it can be read anytime of year.
  You can purchase this book on for around $13.00.
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  1. Easter , we go to church, come home , have a family dinner, do some reading and crafts with the grandchildren

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