Mar 12, 2015

No Longer A Slumdog Book Review/Giveaway To ALL My Readers!
  Those with no voice—the suffering children of Asia—tell their stories in this book, "No Longer A Slumdog" and as you listen to them, you share their anguish and rejoice in their triumphs. The whole world seems to stop as you look on.
  I received this book from the GFA association- Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope and it really touched my heart.  It is truly hard to believe what the children of other countries are having to go through.  In these overly populated, starving countries, children are traded for slaves, beaten, abused, and sexually mistreated.  Girls and boys are sold as sex slaves and many are abused by being burnt and malfigured.  The children who are burned or tourtured are made to go into the streets and beg for money in which they must turn around and give to their owners.  
 As you read this book you will hear stories of some of these children such as 2 small girls whose mother took them on a train and after traveling miles and miles the mother deserts them leaving the small girls all alone in a train station.  You will hear about a small baby boy found on the streets who had been nusing a mother dog as his only means of food to survive.  These are just a couple of horrific stories while millions are taking place everyday in these poor countries.
 This book will also let you know how you can help save some of these children. You won't need to go to Asia to rescue them, but you can help them through Asia's Bridge of Hope.  By sending a small amount of money monthly, you will provide your child hot meals. education and the gift of learning about the Lord.  You will receive a photo of your child and be able to write them and they will write to you.
  Please contact this website for more information on how you can change a live of a young child today.  Just knowing someone cares will make a change in their lives.
The founder of Gospel of Asia, K.P. Yohannan, has written a book called No Longer A Slumdog: Bringing Hope to Children in Crisis.
>  get the book -- because the book is FREE!  Yes, free, that's how they spread the message of what their organization does!
  Everyone of my readers will receive this book for free by clicking the link below:
 Read here about the author of this book. 
Dr. K.P. Yohannan, founder and international director for Gospel of Asia, has authored more than 200 books, including Revolution in World Missions, an international bestseller with more than 3 million copies in print. He is on the board of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), and his Road to Reality radio program airs on more than 900 stations worldwide. He and his wife, Gisela, have two grown children, Daniel and Sarah, who both serve the Lord with their families. Dr. K.P. Yohannan- Facebook
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* I received this book for free in exchange for honest, written review.

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