May 2, 2015

Maya the Bee Movie on DVD/BluRay Review

  Maya is one of the newest little bees to the hive and she doesn't like, or want, to follow the rules.  "What's a bee?" she asks.  "A bee is a good little girl who does what's she told!"  "Isn't that a little silly?" asks Maya.  It isn't long before Maya decides she has to leave the hive, there are just too many rules.  In the new movie, Maya the Bee, you can watch as Maya discovers what being a bee is all about.

 All the bees have been told never, ever to go into the meadow, but it is here where Maya meets a violin-playing grasshopper, a dung beetle and even a young hornet named Sting.  And the meadow is so beautiful too.
  Back at the bee hive the royal jelly is stolen and the hornets are suspected to be the thieves along with Maya.  Maya must prove her innocence, so along with her friends, she decides to get to the bottom of the stolen jelly trouble.
  Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference - this is the motto of this adorable G rated movie.  If you liked Antz and Nemo you are sure to love Maya the bee.  In 3D for your family's entertainment.
  One of the best-known and beloved children’s brands of all-time,
the stories of Maya The Bee have been passed down among generations
of families for years. Originally a German children’s novel by Waldemar Bonsels,
The Adventures of Maya the Bee was published over a hundred years ago in 1912. Since the original publishing, the book has been translated into many other languages and enjoyed by children all over the world. In addition to the book, Maya The Bee is also a comic book series, appeared in various iterations as animated series and now a major animated feature film.

  Maya the Bee is available for you to pre-order now or you can purchase it on the release date of May 19, 2015 from the Shout!Factory website.  
  I love this movie and so do my grandchildren!  I know you will be just as happy as I was to see it, so order yours today and get ready for some darling bee fun.

*Thanks to Shout!Factory for allowing me to review this adorable movie.
*This product was sent to me free in exchange for a honest, written review.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.

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