Jun 26, 2015

Rockin' Green Detergents Review/Giveaway

  I was recently allowed to review some Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent and I want my readers to know, it is amazing!  Here are facts about this "green" detergent and how it began:
 Rockin’ Green eco-friendly cleaning products are for families that care about their health and their planet.  Unsatisfied with the “green” cleaning products on the market, Kim, a mom of three, created her own special non-toxic laundry soap formula that works tough on dirt and stains while being gentle to the environment, your family, and your budget.  From Kim’s kitchen to now a well-known brand, Rockin’ Green is a family favorite for cleaning all types of spills, messes, stains, and funk around your house.

  As you see above, there are different types of detergents depending on the type of water you have and the scent you prefer.  I like the Classic Rock that is scented.  I need the Classic kind because my water is neither hard nor soft, it is kind of in the middle. 
 If you have hard water you need a detergent that is specially formulated for it. Their Hard Concentrate formula packs an extra punch to break through hard water to get your clothes clean without leaving any harmful chemicals on you or your clothes.  The same thing with soft water, you need a special formulated kind made for that type of water.
 If you would like to try samples to test which type is best for your water then order them here.  The new "free" sample kit includes FREE SHIPPING and a coupon for $5.95 on your next order of $25 or more - so now it's like getting your samples for free!

Classic Concentrate Laundry Detergent - Free Sample Kit

   Rockin' Green also sells detergent made especially for cloth diapers, sports clothing, and they sell dish washing powder.  They are very proud to announce that the new liquid detergent is coming soon!  
   Rockin' Green is:
made from recycled materials 
Gluten and Vegan Friendly
Free of optical brighteners

  I love Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent!  Because it is concentrated, a little goes a long way, which means it costs you less.  I believe strongly in protecting our environment and any way I can help is the best thing to me.
  If you would like to win a bag of Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent then please enter my Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!

*Thanks to Rockin' Green for working with me.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*I received this product free of charge in exchange for a honest, written review. 

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  7. First time responders - EMT,Police,Fire & families: 10% off
    They think our Military Rocks! - 15% off (special coupon)

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  11. For joining their rewards program.

  12. First Responders and their families get a 10% discount.


  13. First Responders (EMT, Police and Fire) and their families an everyday 10% discount


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