Jun 27, 2015

SUMMER SECRETS a Book by Jane Green Review/Giveaway Winner is: reejen2@comcast.net

  New York Times best selling Author, Jane Green, takes us on a journey through the life of fictional Cat Coombs.  This woman's fiction book, "Summer Secrets", addresses the life of a woman with alcoholism.  Though the book begins with Cat as a single girl in London, who loves to party with friends, have a few drinks and then finds herself with one night stands and not remembering what she did after the few drinks turn into many drinks.  Usually ending in Cat passing out.
 This book will keep you on your toes because it journeys back to 1998 and then skips a head to 2014.  In 1998 Cat's father dies, she is living in London, and her mom decides it's time to let Cat in on a big secret, the dad she always knew was not her biological father.  So Cat heads to the beautiful, relaxed town of Nantucket to meet a family she never knew she had. Cat is also sober.  Here Cat meets 2 sisters she never knew.  She also meets another recovering alcoholic named Jason and soon they marry.  Cat and Jason have a daughter and everything seems great, but the whole time Cat is having to control her urge to drink daily.  Fighting this demon is very stressful and soon she can't control it any  more. 

   As the drinking finally consumes her marriage and Cat and Jason divorce, Cat is also finding out secrets about her new dad and 2 sisters.  One sister fights the battle of alcholism herself and both sisters  have different moms, which resulted in all 3 sisters having different moms.  Cat's mom lives back in London where she spends her peaceful life. Cat's, real dad was an alcoholic as well, and he eventually dies.
  This book takes you through many secrets and struggles.  I love how this book really makes you feel Cat's struggle to remain sober.  This is a problem so many people have and never discuss.  You will also feel the pain she feels with the dads and the sisters.  She has guilt for so many of her bad decisions and this is what leads her to drinking.  In this book you will learn the story of three pivotal summers separated by decades --- summers affecting the lives of Cat's mother, Cat herself, and even Cat's daughter, who's a teenager at the novel's close.
  I don't want to tell you the ending because it would ruin the process of you reading the book.  I will say it does turn out good.  Jane Green is an amazing writer and you will be drawn into the pages and word by word of Cat's troubles, but I guarantee you will love Summer Secrets.  Order yours today from amazon.com, and Barnes and nobles. for the low price of only around $18.00 on hardback and $13.00 for Kindle.

  Also, through the KickStarter Campaign Jane Green has written her first ever cookbook.  Drawing on stories from her life and the food that runs through them––from caring and cooking for a friend with breast cancer, to supporting her blended family with six kids and several animals, and her family’s recent move into an antique cottage on the water––the book is a combination of recipes, gorgeous photos and her signature warm and witty storytelling.  
This Kickstarter will to last into July 14, so please visit this page and help if can. Use this code to find it: http://kck.st/1B8BvGC

  If you would like to try and win the book, "Summer Secrets"then please enter my Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!

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*Thanks to Jane Green for allowing me to review for her.

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