Aug 19, 2015

Brillo Estracell Sponges and Erase and Wipe Sponges Review/Giveaway

  Do you use a sponge to clean up your counters, wash dishes, wipe down the microwave or oven? Well, just which kind of sponge you use may be very important to the health of your family based on germs.  Read some of the facts about an ordinary sponge listed below.
 1. Cellulose sponges end up being 200,000 times  dirtier than your toilet seat,  according to studies from the University of Arizona
 2, If you microwave them incorrectly they could set on fire, and even just four  bacteria could become 4 million in 24 hours
 3. Independent test results demonstrate that bacteria will not feed and survive   on the  sponge fibers of Estracell sponge material, meaning  your  sponge won’t dry smelly and rock hard. []

 You  probably know all about the  microwave and dishwasher tricks. The problem with those is  that the bacteria just comes right  back. Touch a dirty  sponge then food? You could get pretty  sick. Millions of  people struggle with this same problem, unless  they’re  using Brillo’s line of sponges with  Estracell  technology. Brillo Estracell sponges have a unique  cell  structure that rinses cleaner and dries out faster,  eliminating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria  and  fungal growth that cellulose sponges create.

 After you have read these facts you might want to consider using something else, like Brillo  Estracell sponges.

  Brillo® Erase & Wipe® with Estracell® More Sanitary Sponge is a 2-in-1 cleaning pad designed to easily erase marks and clean all around your home. The white side is the erasing side and the purple side contains the Estracell® More Sanitary wiping layer to wipe away residue. Because of the unique cell structure of the erasing side, no chemicals are needed, just water. The Brillo Erase & Wipe also has  Wedge Edge® contour that reaches deeper into hard-to-get-to corners and crevices. 
 I used this Brillo Erase & Wipe on my grandaughters shoes, the white sides of the canvas where it gets blackish dirty, and it it cleaned the white back to brand new looking shoes.   I also used it on my floor, around the edges of my appliances where it is hard to clean, and it removed all the grease and black stuff from the floor.  I love this Erase & Wipe from Brillo.

  Brillo® Estracell® Big Job Sponge is an effective cleaning tool for around the house. Use it on woodwork, walls, floors, doors, and other large surface areas and help prevent cross contamination. Brillo Estracell Big Job Sponge will easily wipe up and rinse dirt and food particles down the drain. These sponges will clean the bottom of your cookware to look like new.

 I have learned some much about the ordinary Cellulose sponge that I will never own another one.  The only sponge I will use will be Brillo because of how they are made and how they do not spread germs like the cellulose ones do.
  Studies published by the University of Arizona over the past decade showed that a cellulose  sponge can harbor 10 million bacteria per square inch. There's a one in three chance your kitchen sponge has staph,  according to a  Simmons College study. 
   Independent test results demonstrate that bacteria will not feed and survive  on the  sponge fibers of Estracell sponge material, meaning  your  sponge won’t dry smelly and rock hard. []
Touching food after using a sponge is enough to cause contamination resulting in  food poisoning.  No one wants that so why take a chance?  Buy Brillo sponges and you don't ever have to worry about these dangers again.
I am very pleased with them and they work wonderfully.
After reading and reviewing for Brillo, I learned something else ---Mysophobia is the fear of germs, which I now have. lol

If you would like to try and win a few of Brillo's samples of sponges then please enter my Raddlecopter below. Good Luck!

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  1. I learned that Brillo Soap Pads do not contain phosphates. Nice!

  2. I learned that they do not contain bleach or peroxide. :)

  3. Brillo® Steel Wool Soap Pads contain sodium tallowate soap.

  4. Due to smaller size, Singles are designed and recommended for a single use.

  5. Brillo® Steel Wool Soap Pads do not contain bleach or peroxide.

  6. although Brillo Steel Wool Soap Pads are not edible, they are gluten-free

  7. A fact that I learned is that as long as there is soap in the steel wool pad, it is safe to clean glass surfaces
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  8. I learned that the only ingredient in Brillo® Supreme® Strip & Shine™ Steel Wool Balls is steel wool.
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  9. I learned they don't have bleach in them

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