Aug 21, 2015

Captive Book Review/Giveaway

  "Captive", is a book, which has now been made into a motion picture due out Sept. 18, about a true story of a young woman kidnapped by a convict on the run for killing several people since his escape.
  When I received this book and began reading it, it was a non-stop, no put down book.  It will hold your attention from the first page.
  Ashley Smith is an ex-drug user who has lost her husband killed by drugs dealers, lost custody of her daughter Paige, and is trying to rebuild her life with God helping her. One night when Ashley is coming home after going out to get cigarettes, Ashley is grabbed from behind by someone  holding a gun to her head.
  Brian Nichols is the escaped convict who is on the run after escaping jail, killing a judge, and other innocent people.  There is a large, state man hunt out for him.  Brian ends up at the apartment complex where he sees Ashley alone and takes her hostage. Watch the clip from "Captive" below:

 Throughout the hostage holding, Ashley and Brian actually become friends. Ashley never lets her guard down because Brian is after all a killer. Brian tells Ashley why he escaped jail, he says he was wrongly accused of rape and that he has a son he wants to see.
  Ashley tells Brian about her life as a meth user, how she and her husband partied and used drugs, she tells how her husband died after confronting other drug users.  and how she then continued to spiral down.  She uses drugs constantly and pushes Paige aside.  Then one day after a drug arrest, Ashley's aunt says she is taking Paige away from her until she changes her life. 

  Ashley begins to get Brian to turn himself in and it has a lot to do with her asking him to let her live for her daughter and after reading to him from the book , "Purpose Driven Life".  This book explains God's plan for you and why you need to live right for God.  It really gets Brian to listening  and thinking.
  When Ashley is allowed to leave by Brian to see her daughter Paige, she tells the cops and Brian doesn't resist as he is arrested.  Ashley's hope is their being together was God's plan to change his life and maybe he will be able to witness to other prisoners.

 I absolutely love this book.  Ashley is so brave and Brian is truly seeking help. It will touch your heart like you will not believe.  Ashley saved her life by being so courageous and this true story is now a movie.  Ashley is played by - Kate Mara  and Brian is played by -David Oyelowo.  David was really touched by this story.

 If you would like to win "Captive" please enter my Rafflecopter below.  You will love it!  Good luck!!

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