Aug 3, 2015

Mission Belts Review

  Mission  Belts are very different from the average adjustable belt.  These belts have no need for holes.  “This line is the perfect addition for anyone looking for a more casual and rugged belt that fuses utility and style with our no holes approach.”
 You choose the color and style of buckle for your Mission Belt.  Below is the belt and buckle I chose:

 I chose the Iron belt with the GunMetal Belt Buckle.  Watch the video below to see how easily these belts work to fit most all sizes:

  Mission Belts is named this name because they are on a mission to help others. 

When you buy a Mission Belt you become a part of a great philanthropic effort - or as they like to call it, THE MISSION.
 A dollar from every belt goes to fight hunger and poverty worldwide through micro-lending. These micro-loans range from $25-$500 dollars per loan. the Mission Bird is delivering help and aid worldwide to those striving and fighting for a better life. Together with their customers they are lending in over 65 nations worldwide and have given out more than 20,000 unique loans.  Mission is helping hard working people put food on their tables and giving them the opportunity to make their way out of poverty and hunger.

  I love the way these belts fit and look.  The "no hole" look is more attractive and it adjusts and removes very simply.  There are different colors of belts and buckles and there even NBA, NHL & NCAA buckles. 

  There are also belts for kids and they sell the Mission T-Shirts.  Most of these belts sell for a very low price of around $35 and the buckles for around $20.  These belts are rugged and last a very long time.  You can purchase all their products on the Mission website.

 *I received this product in exchange for a honest, written review.
*The opinions of this belt are strictly my own.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.

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