Aug 3, 2015

The Apologetics Study Bible For Students Review/Giveaway Winner is: J.Phillips

  I have got to tell you about one of the most amazing books I have had the chance to review - The Apologetics Study Bible For Students.  This book takes some of the most questioned, and often the most doubted, reasons that people don't believe in God, and it answers the questions with proof.  Have you ever been asked a question, such as, "why does God let there be evil if he loves us?", and even though you know the answer you aren't quite sure how to answer them.  You know God doesn't allow evil, Satan provides the evil, and God gives us the free will to do right or wrong.  But, even after we do wrong, God still loves us and will forgive us.

 This book contains:
  • Two-color design-intensive layout on every page for the visual generation
  • Sixty “Twisted Scriptures” explanations
  • Fifty “Bones & Dirt” entries (archaeology meets apologetics)
  • Fifty “Notable Quotes”
  • Twenty-five “Tactics” against common anti-Christian arguments
  • Twenty “Personal Stories” of how God has worked in real lives
  • Twenty “Top Five” lists to help remember key apologetics topics

 Sean McDowell is the general editor of Apologetics and he and other well known youth leaders, put this book together.  Sean is also a teacher, writer, speaker and a college professor and he has had many young students come to him with questions that he would answer and give them the reasons why, straight from God's holy word.  Sean explains many questions through weekly videos as well as in the book.
Some of my favorite are:
1.Should abortion be allowed for rape or incest? In this video Sean explains how one of his sisters was adopted and she found out later in her life that her birth mom had been raped at the age of 14 so she gave her up for adoption. Is she any less of a person because of what happened to her mother? Of course not. She was made in God's image like we all are and from conception on, no matter how she was conceived, she had a right to live because she was a human being.
2.Is there proof of life after death? Well, I praise God for knowing this because I lost my 27 year old daughter in November and I know I will see her again in Heaven because Jesus died on the cross, rose from his deathbed and left the tomb after 3 days. Believers and non-believers came to see he was gone. Jesus tells John to write about Heaven in Revelations. There is proof of life after death also by many people today who have experienced it and were allowed to come back to tell us.
Sean will talk with you about many questions in these wonderful videos.

  Please sign up for these videos and a great sweepstake that runs all through the summer:
  • The Confident Faith Sweepstakes, running throughout the summer and offering a chance to win free copies of The Apologetics Study Bible for students, free Mini Libraries of some of our best resources and even a trip for two to The National Conference on Christian Apologetics.
  • where they offer free Bible Studies, videos and a weekly newsletter that will send 52 weeks of Apologetic content!  They will also promote special offers on related apps and books.

 As I talk to my grandchildren about Apologetics and we discuss many questions and read along with this book and the actual Bible scriptures, I feel not only are they learning, but so am I.  I have learned how to talk about some subjects, with proof, since studying along with the kids.  I didn't know many of the answers Sean has written about and showed us through scripture what God says and how to tell others it is so.  
 I love Apologetics and I know you will too.  I read it daily to the kids and we study it and I also read it by myself.  I don't believe I know enough about many subjects to answer others so I keep reading and learning as I am teaching the kids as well.
  If you would like to own The Apologetics Study Bible For Students you can order it at, Books A Million, Barnes & Nobles and from the book's website.  If you would like to try and win a copy for your family, youth group or church then enter my Rafflecopter below.  This is a wonderful book and it would also make a great gift for any young person.  I love it!

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