Aug 26, 2015

"The Bridge Builder" Book Review/Giveaway

  For many centuries, Christians and Jews have not been able to reach a point where they could see eye to eye, until recently thanks to a man named Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein.   The Rabbi Eckstein founded and is president of Christians and Jews and Goodwill Ambassador for the State of Israel.  This book, The Bridge Builder, is an Authorized Biography by Zev Chafets. When Zev first began to write about the Rabbi, he wasn't quite sure what he was all about, but as time tells us at the end of this book and as the legacy continues on today, the Rabbi felt there were many Christians who knew there was a desperate need for the support and well being of Israel and it's people and he knew he was chosen to be the person to do this today.  At this time in history, not just Israel, but the entire Western world faces the rising threat of Islamist terrorism and growing anti-Semitism.  This is why Rabbi Eckstein feels the neccessity to protect the Jews.
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews - Logo

The Rabbi began this Fellowship between Christians and Jews in 1983.  He has become friends with many Christian personalities such as Pat Boone and Pat Robertson of the 700 club.  Rabbi Eckstein has gone to Russia and China to help Christians and orphaned Jews.  Together the Fellowship has raised over 11 million dollars.   Rabbi Eckstein does not keep any money from the books he sells, it all goes to support the Fellowship of Christians and Jews.  
  Zev Chafets takes you through the trials and troubles that Rabbi Eckstein goes through to continue the purpose he feels God has led him to do, to bring fellowship and love of the Christians and Jews together to work with one cause in mind, to put Israel first and to help Christians and Jews who are persecuted all around the world.

  I really love this book because I too feel God intends the Christians to take care of Jews which are his chosen people.  Mr. Chafets writes this book perfectly and very tenderly showing Rabbi Eckstein's care to unite Christians and Jews everywhere for a better world.  For over 30 years it has been hard at times , but the Rabbi continues on doing God's work.

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