Oct 30, 2015

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum & Antioxidant Facial Oil Review

  Mad Hippie has products that are all natural and are a safe way to improve the appearance of your skin.  I love this extra cool looking company.  Mad Hippie sells several face products such as :  Vitamin C Serum, Facial Oil, Face Cream, Eye Cream, Creamy Face Cleanser, Exfoliating Serum and Vitamin A Serum.  I reviewed the Vitamin C Serum and the Facial Oil.
 Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum has everything in it that you need to make your skin feel and look brighter.  This product really makes your skin hydrated and healthier. Just like you need Vitamin C inside your body to keep you well, your skin also needs it to keep it healthy.
  Another product I reviewed from Mad Hippie is the Antioxidant Facial Oil.
  Mad Hippie's Antioxidant Facial Oil is a must have for smooth, silky skin.  This oil is lightweight and smells wonderful!  Use the Vitamin C and then follow up with the facial oil.  Your skin will be radiant looking.  This preservative-free antioxidant oil is exactly what you need to hydrate your skin & protect it from sun damage.
  Both of these products from Mad Hippie are very good.  I love how my skin looks and feels since I began using Mad Hippie.  I have had several compliments after only using them for a week.  These products absorb quickly into the skin and hydrate it perfectly.  I would recommend anyone looking for a good set of skin products to look into what Mad Hippie has.  They also carry other products that work together with these or alone.
  We all need to be like a mad hippie and enjoy the good things in life.  Refreshing and free are good terms for these products.  Free from bad ingredients and refreshful feeling skin is what we all want and need.
  A great thing that Mad Hippie does is that they give $1 of every sale to Wildlife Conservation.  So, not only is the products great, but they are a giving company which means a lot to me.
  Give Mad Hippie a try - I really believe you will be satisfied with their products. You can purchase Mad Hippie products in stores all across the US.  If you would like to try and win these 2 products that I reviewed, then please enter my Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!

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