Nov 8, 2015

Rotor DR1 on DVD Review/Giveaway

   Imagine being only 10% of the Earths remaining people.  The other 90% of the country has been elminated due to a viral epidemic.  The few people left are trying to put together and restore their world.  Back when people were still living on the Earth, they were all being given imunizations which were delivered by Autonomous Drones.  The good, and the bad, are all trying to find pieces of these drones to rebuild them using the parts and power sources left.  Most people will do anything to get their hands on one of these drones.  The name of this movie is Rotor DR1.
  One of the survivers is a 16 year old boy named Kitch. Kitch is in search of his father.  When Kitch accidently stumbles upon a drone -the Rotor DR1, he is sure it will lead him to links about his father.  The problem is their are others who want the drone too.
  Watch the YouTube clip below to see a little piece of this movie:
   As Kitch defends his new drone from a local crime syndicate, he befriends one of its members, a young woman named Maya. With Maya’s encouragement and DR1 leading the way, the three travelers set out on a journey to find Kitch’s father. Potential enemies lurk around every corner and Kitch, Maya and DR1 must work together to navigate the unknown and find the answers they seek.
  This movie is rated PG-13 and it keeps you on the edge of your seat with action and suspense.  My children loved this movie.  This type of Sci-Fi movie lets us look into the future where a world of drones will be.

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