Nov 9, 2015

PLEY - Rental Toy Company Review

   How many times have you bought your children toys that you felt like they would like, and the next month you see them unopened laying in the toy box?  I know I have done this several times and it is really disappointing.  Not only have I spent money for nothing, but I don't know what to do with it.
  There is a great company that can take all the hassle of buying unwanted toys away.  That company is Pley.  Pley is a membership based Lego rental company. Members can rent different sets of Lego each month for their children for a small rental fee.

 There are several reasons why I like how Pley works versus buying from a store:
1.My boys love Legos and they want them all. I can't afford to buy every set of Legos, so by renting them through Pley they get a chance to choose from 400 different sets.  After a month they pack the set they have been playing with, back up in the pre-paid box and mail it back. Then they can wait on the new set once a month.
2. I save tons of money by paying only a low monthly fee of $19.99 a month rather than buying different sets several times a month that run about  $12.00 a set.  This can really add up and soon they are wanting another two or three sets.

3. I don't have enough room to store all these Legos. Their rooms are to small and it looks like a hurricane hits when they get out several sets at once.  Little bricks everywhere that hurt when you step on them.
4. I never know what to get some of my grandchildren and I can buy a gift subscription from Pley that would last all year, something a single gift couldn't do.  So it would seem like they were getting a gift from me every month.
5. Pley also has other toys besides the Legos and this makes it even better because if the kids tire of Legos, you can get them another toy from Pley to play with for a change and go back to Legos later.  
 6. Also, if your child loses a piece of the Lego set, you never have to pay for it from Pley. If you had bought the set from a store you would have to buy a whole new set to get that one piece. WOW!  This saves me a lot of money! You can also buy a set of Legos from Pley at a discounted price.
  You never have to worry about getting dirty or used looking toys from Pley because they take special care to clean them all with Eco-friendly and child safe sanitizers.  How great is that?
  With Christmas just a few weeks away you really need to check out Pley and see all the cool toys and Lego sets they have.  I don't believe you can beat this deal.  Take a look at their website and everything is explained there, in case I left out anything.  I really don't think you will be disappointed in Pley.  I totally recommend Pley to all parents!
 *The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
 *Thanks to Pley for allowing me to review for them.

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