Jan 16, 2016

Pound Puppies: A Rare Pair on DVD Review

  For years my children watched the Pound Puppies on T.V. and now my grandchildren are enjoying watching these darling little puppies fill up the screen with their lovable selves.
  In this newest movie "Pound Puppies : A Rare Pair" , you can enjoy these precious pups as  they try to a get a kitten and a puppy adopted into the same home, to trying to place an alligator named Rover(!), to sneaking into the Kennel Kittens' compound to retrieve a stolen gadget, this team of determined canines will do all it takes to make it work.
 This team of determined canines will do whatever it takes to find the perfect loved ones for each and every pet at Shelter 17!
 There are 5 episodes on this 110 minute long cartoon.
1 Pound Puppies: Catcalls
2 Pound Puppies: The Really Weird Dog
3 Pound Puppies: Call Of The Squirreldog
4 Pound Puppies: Kennel Kittens Return
5 Pound Puppies: Once A Ralph, Always A Ralph       
Every child is sure to fall in love with Lucky, Niblet, Cookie, Squirt and Strudel in this darling movie.  You can purchase this, and other Pound Puppies' cartoons from Shout! Kids Factory.  I know mine definitely loved it!
*Thanks to Shout!KidsFactory  for allowing me to review this product.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
* I was not monetarily compensated for reviewing this product.
*I received this product  free of charge in exchange for a written review.

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