Feb 23, 2016

The Legend of the Easter Robin - An Easter Story of Compassion & Faith Review/Giveaway

  I received a book to review and it is truly lovely, "The Legend of the Easter Robin".  When I opened the package and saw the size of this beautifully drawn and colored, hard covered book, I was amazed at how beautiful it looked.  This book actually reminded me of books that I read when I was a child in the 60's.  It has that old fashioned, yet delicate picture on the front.  The beautiful flowers and the robin's with their eggs in the nest while a precious little girl and her dog look through the window at the amazing sight.  I love how the artist pulls you in with his drawings and colors.
 This story begins when little Tressa is at her grandmothers and she notices a nest on the window ledge being built by 2 robins.  Her grandmother tells Tressa that the robins are a sign of spring and when Tressa looks she also sees a small, blue egg in the middle of the nest and she is so happy!

 The next morning on the way inside her grandmothers, Tressa notices there are now 5 little blue eggs in the nest and that there are animal tracks and another bird in the tree - these things make Tressa worry about the eggs.  Grandmother tells Tressa to leave the care of the birds and eggs to the Creator who made all these things.
  Grandmother decides to help Tressa get her mind off the eggs by teaching her how to make paper birds like her grandmother before her had taught her and she tells the story of how the robin got his red breast.  The story is that on the day of Christ's Crucifixion the robin swooped down to see why there was a nest on his master's head, but the robin was saddened to see it was actually a crown of thorns so he begins pulling them off Jesus' head when one sticks into the breast of the robin and Jesus' blood runs across the breast of the robin.  Hence the reason the robin has a red breast today.  This is a symbol of the compassion the robin had for our savior on that spring day many, many years ago.
  Tressa comes back to grandmother's house the next day and she steps on shells on the ground, when she looks upon the window seal she sees 5 little baby robins with their mouths open waiting on the daddy robin to come feed them some good juicy worms.  
  Watch a clip of the book, "The Legend of the Easter Robin" below:

  Just as the tiny robin saw Jesus needing help and he tried to help him, this story reminds us that Jesus is always there for us. Even as the daddy robin built the nest, protected the eggs and began to care for the baby birds so does Jesus do for us all.  Easter is a time of new beginnings,  New births, new flowers and the reminder of Jesus Christ rising from the tomb 3 days after his death to go and prepare a place for all Christians,  Spring is beautiful just like this awesome book.  Probably the story of the robin is a legend , but I loved thinking it to be true just like my children do. They loved this book and never moved as I read it to them.  Now, I get to offer one of my lucky readers a chance to win this book too.  Just enter my Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

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