Mar 9, 2016

Clothes Moth Alert from Terro Review/Giveaway

  Do you know the signs of moths eating your clothes?  Silky tunnels on wool clothes, rugs and blankets, excessive shedding of furs, tiny tubes clinging to material and of course moths.  These winged moths are cream colored and they usually crawl or fly out of the space your clothing is stored.  The larvae, which is what actually destroys your clothing, are worms about 1/2 inch long.
These moths seek out dark, closets or attics to eat, mate and reproduce.  This is why you need Terro Clothes Moth Alerts.

  Eggs hatch about every 3 to 4  days in the summer and about every 3 weeks in the winter. The problem for your clothes is that these moths can stay in their larvae stage for up to 2 years, which means clothes left alone can be eaten on this whole time and destroyed before you know they were being ruined.

  Once you have found these pests it is time to get rid of them and hiring a professional can be very expensive or you can set out moth traps from Terro. Terro traps lure and trap clothes moths. Set out these traps in closets, drawers and under the bed.  The traps are safe, non-toxic, have a non-moth ball odor and are pesticide free. 

  All you do is drop some of the pheromone lure on the sticky trap surface and place it at eye level in the closet.  They can also be hung by a string or clothes hanger. By placing these within eye contact you can watch the traps fill up with the whole moths.  Once they stick they are stuck and they die.
 Every box of Terro contains 2 glue traps and 2  sealed packs of pheromone lures.  You buy these online at the Terro website for only $7.99 for 2 and they get cheaper the more boxes you buy.
 Not everyone knows they have clothes moths, but if you store your clothes for different seasons, chances are you may have gotten them.
 Terro would like to offer 1 lucky winner a box of Terro Clothes Moth Alerts.  Just enter my Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!


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