Mar 22, 2016

"Noble" the Movie - Review

  Christina Noble grew up in the slum of Ireland, where she lived in poverty.  As a young child, Christina loved helping others.  When Christine was about 9 she lost her mom leaving her with her dad who really didn't want the responsibility of raising a child.  So Christine was sent off to an orphanage. Noble is her story.
  As Christina grows she meets a young man and they have a son together, but when the nuns find out at the orphanage they take the baby while Christina is out and put him up for adoption.
  Christina begins having dreams about the children in Vietnam and she feels God is leading her there to help the children.  Vietnam is found to be a terrible country for children. Most children are left to raise themselves in the streets.  Christina feels the need to build homes for these orphaned children.

  This is a true story and I believe what makes Christina persevere with her desire to give these orphaned children a chance, results from her childhood itself and with hope and faith.


  Christina is a loving, funny, remarkable woman who went through so much in her own life that it is amazing how she is able to fight for these children, but she does and she wins.  Christina never gave up to see that the orphaned children of Vietnam had a chance at a good life, she herself had been denied.
  I loved this movie.  Faith is the emphasized word in this movie and with faith much was done when no one thought it could be.
 This movie is rated PG-13 and it runs  1 hour and 40 minutes.
 Watch the video below for a glimpse into this movie:

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