Mar 21, 2016

GingerSnapCrate--Save Your Photos on Items---Review/Giveaway

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 What have you done with all those old pictures from your childhood, your wedding, school pictures, even the birth of your children?  If you are like me most go into frames where I put picture on top of picture, or in albums that I am running out of places to put.  My grandmother placed all her pictures in a big hat box, but that was taking a chance because it could of gotten wet or crushed.
  Well, now there is a company, GingerSnapCrate that will help you find places to preserve those pictures.  Not a place in your home, lol, but a place such as on a t-shirt, mug, picture frame and other cool places. How about adding a favorite pic of the kiddos to your shopping bag?


   I love these throw pillows!  How adorable are they? 


  You can make your own picture album of your wedding with a favorite pic from the wedding, also do thank you cards and invitations to a birthday party from your little one's picture on the front?  There are hundreds of products you can place, or make, with your old photos.
  I love how this GingerSnapCrate program works.  You simply upload the picture to the company and a month later you will receive the latest and newest ideas for decorating with your photos.  You can even tell them what you would like to have.
 There are 3 different subscription boxes to choose from:

The MiniBox - GingerSnapCrate
The Box - GingerSnapCrate
$33 monthly box

$59 monthly box

The Crate - GingerSnapCrate
$99 monthly box

  So get ready and upload those pictures after you join GingerSnapCrate.  I know you will love how their program works and what you will find your photos displayed on.
  One lucky winner will win a 1 month free subscription to GingerSnapCrate and all other readers will get a 20% discount off  3 month membership  -Be sure to use the Code Mommy when you order.   When ordering the 3 months for 20% off use one of these links: For the box:
For the crate:  *For anyone that joins a subscription (not using the 3 month 20% off special) -gets a free Grocery tote.
   I love this monthly box program.  GingerSnapCrate makes some really beautiful and memorable items from your pictures.  You can also give this subsciption as a gift.
I would love to offer the one month free to one reader and the 20% off 3 months membership to all my readers.  So please enter my Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

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  1. I'd love to win this for my sister so she can finally use all those vacation pics she's been promising to show me!


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