Mar 20, 2016

Wildflower--Movie Review/Giveaway

 This movie is titled, "Wildflower" and it begins with Chloe, a 20 year old girl that lives in a town she grew up in and she is a art major.  But, the trouble with Chloe is trying to remember her past.  At night nightmares begin and Chloe can't piece them together.  She is always drawing pictures saying "Lost Soul" and a devil skeleton and a picture of her friend Rebecca.  In Chloe's dreams she always sees a big pickup truck on the bridge and a man pushing a girl over the edge of the bridge. No one in town believes Chloe, they believe she is mental.

 Their is also another person in this movie that is trying to get past losing the love of his life.  Josh doesn't understand how God could take his girlfriend away from him so he refuses to have anything to do with church or God.  Josh's brother is the pastor at the church and Josh just seems to shove him aside.
  Josh befriends Chloe and they try to put the pieces together of her past and they face some scary episodes trying to find the killer of Rebecca.  It comes to be that Rebecca was killed when Chloe was a child and Chloe is remembering seeing the accident. The drawing are the pieces to the puzzle.

  Chloe and Josh find the owner of the truck and when Chloe sees the man she knows he is the killer because he has the tattoos saying Lost Souls and the devil.  The man tells them to leave his property and Josh goes to the cops.  The cops are still doubtful,but the captain starts to remember a man from years ago that was a sex offender.  Together, the chief of police, Chloe and her mom go to the bridge where Rebecca was killed.  Josh is already there digging up the land trying to find Rebecca's body when the killer attacks him.  The chief of police sees this and they arrest the man.  He was the man who killed Rebecca and buried her body.  The body is found and Chloe is finally at peace with herself.

  Josh is also healed and begins to trust the reason God took his girlfriend. Chloe still needs time to get back to normal and Josh says he is there to help her.
  This is a very different kind of movie, but I really enjoyed it.  If you like suspenseful movies you will love "Wildflower".  "Wildflower "  is due out April 5, 2016.  "Wildflower" is a compassionate movie that shows that hope is always there even in the darkest moments.  Hope was what Josh and Chloe both needed to move forward in their lives.

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