Apr 12, 2016

Smoker Box for BBQ Grill Wood Chips from Cave Tools Review

   I reviewed another wonderful grill accessory from Cave Tools, and like all the others I have tried, this product is just as great.  The Smoker Box for BBQ Grill Wood Chips is perfect for giving your food that smoky wood taste.  We love to use hickory in our wood chip box, but you can add any kind of wood chips you desire to yours.

  This smoker box is made from a very thick stainless steel which prevents the box from warping due to the heat.  Just add wood chips to this perfectly sized box- it holds 2 cups of wood chips.  Place it on top of your grates or down beside the charcoal.  I placed ours on the top burner rack and the wood flavor flowed out and gave our burgers that perfect hickory taste we were looking for.  If you need to add more chips during cooking, the box is easy to open, so there is no worry about it taking a long time to add them.  Also, these chips will not burn, they just smolder, because there are no holes in the bottom of the wood box for them to catch on fire.

Smoker Box for BBQ Grill Wood Chips

  Cave Tools are great tools that any BBQer would love to work with when cooking on the grill. They have been shown on T.V  and Radio programs such as : The Outdoor Cooking Show & the BBQ Central Radio Show. You can purchase these tools on Amazon.com.

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  I love this Wood Chip Smoker Box.  There is no need in my family having to go out and buy a big, expensive BBQ Smoker because this little box gives you the same taste on your food as a one of the big smokers would.  Like all Cave Tools, this is another high quality BBQ tool for a very reasonable price.  Check out Cave Tools website for all you BBQ needs.

*Thanks to Cave Tools for allowing me to review for them.
*I received this product free of charge in exchange for a honest, written review.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
*I was not monetarily compensated for reviewing this product.

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