Apr 8, 2016

"The Once and Future Ocean" a Book by Peter Neill

  Water is one of the world's most valuable resources and with our Earth being covered by 70% water, it is vital that we take care of our oceans.  I am a lover of all our planet's resources: trees, water, air, and land and it makes me really mad that we humans are daily destroying all of these precious gifts.
  The ocean is the key to humanities survival.  Right now in Flint, Michigan their water is undrinkable and the author of this book states that now is not a day to soon for us to begin social, financial and political order around water. Based on a revolutionary paradigm shift toward a "new hydraulic society", individuals can be taught the necessity of change, the moral responsibility and the reality of the consequences if we don't act in time.  
  This book, "The Once and Future Ocean" by Peter Neill shows us all that the ocean is where we humans turn to for our fresh water, food, energy, health, political stability, security, community development and personal renaissance.  With 7.4 billion people on this Earth putting such demands on the condition of the oceans, water supply is being ruined at a very fast rate.  Neill has a solution, if everyone will come together and work to build new modes of living around our oceans.

  I am very concerned about the marine life in our oceans.  Human waste was recently found to be deliberately emptying into a very popular ocean.  This causes a potential risk of disease to humans who come into contact with this water and it also kills life of ocean animals.  Trash is constantly being dumped into oceans which harms the ocean forms and life.  With change in humans laziness and uncaring ways our oceans can become healthy again.
  Neill states how we humans eat the food from the waters and if these foods are harmed we will have no more.  He also speaks of us using the water for energy, which can be a huge alternative to the electricity we get from the land.  Did you know the ocean even holds possible cures for our health problems?  Scientists are studying this right now. Salt water can be turned into fresh water which could really help with the droughts that we are seeing all over California.  All these things can become great again and better for humanities future if we humans will change the way we live.
  Our world's oceans are beautiful and are so beneficial to human survival.  If you have ever scuba dived you have seen the marvelous beauty that lies beneath our land in these oceans.  We have to save our oceans for the next generations to come or Neill says it will be to late.
 For more information on how you can begin to help please visit W2O for information and education about saving our oceans.  Peter Neill is president and founder of W2O, author of several books and has served 20 years as the president of South Street Seaport Museum in New York.
  I loved this book and highly recommend it.  Please spread the word about the concern of saving our oceans. You can purchase this book on Amazon.com

*Thanks to News and Experts for allowing me to review this book.
*I received this book free of charge in exchange for a honest, written review.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this product review.
*The opinions of this book are my own.

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