Apr 18, 2016

XyloBurst Gum & Lollipops Review - Win a $50 Giveaway

  It has taken Americans a long time to finally realize we are raising the most obese children in the world and it is carrying on into their adult life.  Finally, more people are trying to exercise, eat organic and cut back on the sugar.  I am a 56 year old woman, but sugar is my weakness.  I am like a kid when it comes to candy.  I love the sweet and sour, gummy candies.  But, after I eat it I am always left with a headache and hurting stomach.  I also am a big fan of sugar.  I love baking sugary cakes and cookies.  I was doing and eating all this junk until a few days ago and I decided to change my way of snaking and baking.  I was feeling so sluggish and yucky everyday and today I could feel the energy coming back since I have changed my sugar intake,
  One of the reasons I started changing was when I found out there are products out there that are "sweet" tasting , but don't contain actual sugar.  XyloBurst is one of these companies and it has so many awesome products.  Xylitol is actually a natural occurring alcohol found in fruits and vegetables. XyloBurst uses it in their gums, snacks and candy instead of sugar.  This stuff actually prevents tooth decay and dry mouth.  Xylitol when placed in the mouth, combined with saliva, reduces the amount of bacteria in your mouth that causes tooth decay.  So, this gum or their mints, are really good to have after a meal.  People with Diabetes can eat products with Xylitol in it and be fine. XyloBurst and the gum comes in great flavors like,Green Tea, Fruit, Spearmint and Cinnamon.  This gum is soft and dissolves easily in the mouth.  It is not gritty or hard to chew.  I love the Green Tea!

  And the Lollipops are delicious. They come in an assorted variety of flavors and the strawberry was my favorite.  There is no way you can tell they are not full of regular sugar.  My grandson loved them and he handed some of them out at Sunday School to his friends.

  Another awesome product from XyloBurst that I reviewed, was their Strawberry Jam.  WOW! was this good on my biscuits Sunday morning.  Not to sweet, but just sweet enough. 

  This jam is all natural, sugar free, sweetened with Xylitol and comes in a 10 oz. jar.  My whole family loved this fresh tasting jam.  You can also purchase it in other flavors such as: Mountain Berry, Apricot, Blueberry, Peach and more.  It is delicious!
  XyloBurst sells many other products.  They sell Xylitol Sweetener in the bag or packets. Great for people on a low - carb diet and it has 40% fewer calories and 75% less carbohydrates than regular sugar.  Use it in your baking or to top off your cereal.  The packets are great for adding to coffee or tea.
XyloBurst Xylitol Sweetener 1lb Bag

  I really feel so much healthier without all that sugary food hanging on me.  It will take awhile to totally switch, but I plan on using Xylitol products all the time.  I feel like you will like these products just as well.
  XyloBurst also has mouth rinse and oral care products.
  If you want to try these products please visit them online and you can order there.  If you would like to try some of their products- say $50 worth for free - then enter my giveaway, you could be my next winner.  Good Luck!

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