May 30, 2016

Phil Wickham : "Children of God" CD Review

   Phil Wickham has a new album out titled, "Children of God".  This album is one of Wickham's most emotional and touching albums.  Songs such as "StarMaker" and "My All In All" will have you definitely feeling the touching hand of God in the lyrics and beautiful way Phil sings them.
  This album is loaded with songs that show complete praises to our loving God.  I went back and listened to many of my favorites over and over.
  Phil Wickham himself is a product of God's miracles.  In 2014, Phil didn't know if he would be able to ever sing again due to a vocal polyp.  To remove it meant Phil not speaking for months.  Very suddenly, Phil threw himself on the ground asking God for some peace and clarity.  He said all of the sudden he felt a strong sense of God's presence there with him, speaking to him.  God told Phil that his identity is not in what he did, but it's in who God says he is.  God said, "I am your father.You're my child. Trust me."   
  During Phil's recovery he began writing songs with a new sense of passion and freedom.  In, "Your Love Awakens Me" you can feel this passion and re-known strength.  And, yes Phil's throat was healed and good as ever.  He says he feels like he had been reawakened.
  I would give this 5 stars out of 5 stars.  It is a touching, comforting album with songs that make you feel alive in God's love.  I recommend you purchase this album and it can be found in all Christian music stores across the US..
  Buy it below on these places as well:
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Watch the video below for a chance at hearing some of this album:

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